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Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Feite Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by a number of Dr. Haigui, mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of low temperature ceramic co-firing (LTCC) filters. The team members include several  LTCC senior craftsmen, currently in a single month. Sales of tens of millions.

After years of efforts, team members have perfected the theoretical framework and realized the principle sample based on LTCC technology of low-temperature co-firing ceramics, which has been approved by top customers in the industry.  In order to further expand its influence in this field, the company established jiangsu Feiter Communication Co., LTD., the largest LTCC R&D and production enterprise in China, in June 2020 in Huaian, with the support of the top capital in the industry such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and ZTE, which attracted many overseas senior experts to join.  It is the first time for overseas technical personnel to join the mainland enterprises since LTCC technology.  At present, the domestic LTCC components are all overseas market monopoly, the company set up r&d team quickly overcome a series of LTCC material and process, made use of advanced equipment production more coupling LTCC antenna solution components, break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in this field, and in client implementation such as zte, samsung, batch applications.  

The company's research and development focuses on 4G+/5G LTCC filters, Netcom filters and LTCC antennas, mainly for mobile terminals and base stations. The electrical properties of the products developed are not lost to the Japanese system, far higher than the  system, and have been tested and certified by customers. The company's main customers include ZTE, T-Mobile, Sony and other well-known mobile and base station customers at home and abroad.

The company's brand has been recognized by the market in recent years, and has become the leader of the domestic LTCC RF ceramic filter. It has become a well-known high-tech enterprise in China while breaking the monopoly of this field and taking advantage of the 5G spring wind.

Company Profile

The company's core strengths:

1 research and development advantages:

a-Professor Leading +Experienced  Engineer + Domestic Doctoral Team

b-WYSIWYG simulation system

c-Use self-developed powder, unique low temperature filter design method

D-The latest 5G filter design and processing technology

2 made advantages:

A-powder, slurry, preparation, packaging and inspectio

b-All raw materials are all homemade

3 cost advantage:

A- Fully-made process + domestic one-time production = optimal price ratio

B-capacity + delivery + FAE = optimal service

Product advantages and features:

A-Innovative technology, excellent RF characteristics

B-price is very competitive

C-wide frequency range: DC-40GHz

D-Design of passive chips with multi-layer printing lamination technology, small size

E-reflection standing wave is low, loss is small

F-high reliability

G-product consistency

H- is widely used in a variety of microwave, RF communication systems

I-invention patent

Introduction to core patent technology:

1. Breaking the global monopoly, ultra-small wide-resistance band low-pass filter based on LTCC process

2. Breaking global monopoly, ultra-small high-Q bandpass filter based on LTCC process

3. Breaking global monopoly, ultra-small dual-band pass filter based on LTCC process

4. The world's first technology, array antenna anti-jamming technology and equipment

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