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Acting mayor Shi Zhijun investigated our company and enterprises in Huaian Economic Development Zone

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      On the afternoon of November 17, Shi Zhijun, deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and acting mayor, visited Huaian Economic Development Zone to learn about enterprises' production and operation and project construction.  He pointed out that the city should thoroughly implement the spirit of the eighth Party Congress, adhere to the leadership of industrialization, the cultivation of backbone enterprises echelon firmly in the hand, strive to form the development trend of large enterprises, small enterprises overwhelming, lay a solid foundation for high-quality leapfrog development.  Secretary General of the Municipal Government Wang Sujun, Secretary of the District Party Committee Zhang Xiao, District Governor Yan Fu, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone Dai Xiangfeng, deputy District Governor Wang Lei attended the activity.  

      Shi Zhijun has conducted research in hon Fuhan Electronic accessory production project, Jiangsu Double Ring Gear Co., LTD., Jiequnelectronic project, Chip Microelectronics MLCC (capacitor) project, Flytel Electronic low-temperature ceramic filter project, Nanbao carbon fiber production project and Jiangsu Stadt Elevator Co., LTD.  At each place, Shi zhijun would go into the production front line of the enterprise, communicate with the person in charge of the enterprise, understand the basic information of product characteristics, technology, production and sales, and the enterprise's future development plan, check the progress of project construction, and coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems faced by the enterprise in production and operation.  

Acting mayor Shi Zhijun investigated our company and enterprises in Huaian Economic Development Zone

      In the survey, Shi Zhijun encouraged enterprises to work hard on technological innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly improve product quality and performance;  To seize market opportunities, focus on core business, and constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises;  We need to expand development paths and ways, tap development potential, and boost the driving force for enterprise development.  

     Shi zhijun stressed that all relevant departments should deepen their understanding, put the development of industry in the primary position of economic construction, focus on industry, closely grasp industry, and promote the simultaneous development of the 'four modernizations' by upgrading the level of industrialization.  We need to create a first-class business environment, effectively improve the capacity and level of service enterprises, and make concerted efforts to solve the problems of land use and human resources that hinder their development, so as to ensure their development.  We should pay attention to studying national industrial policies, industry trends and scientific and technological trends to help enterprises improve their intelligence, improve production efficiency and product quality, and encourage them to become better and stronger.  We should actively promote the integrated development of industry and city, amplify the resources and location advantages of development zones, and constantly increase their carrying capacity.  Individualized support policies should be implemented to foster specialized and innovative enterprises, small giants and high-growth enterprises, so that they can grow up and become leading enterprises with strong innovation capabilities, strong industry driving capacity and strong market pioneering capability.  

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