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Next year, China’s information consumption will be 6 trillion yuan, and Beijing will become the firs

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Beijing will become the first comprehensive demonstration city for information consumption in China. On June 20th, supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the “2019 National Information Consumption City Bank Beijing Station Activity” organized by Beijing Economic and Information Bureau and China Telecom Beijing Company was launched in Beijing. Dong Dajian, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Software Services, disclosed that the scale of information consumption in China is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan next year, achieving an average annual growth rate of 11% or more, and the output in related fields is expected to reach 15 trillion yuan.

Information consumption is entering the homes of ordinary people and entering all corners of society. Deputy Director Dong Dajian introduced that with the deep integration of Internet technology and economic society, China's information consumption is developing rapidly, and it is shifting from online to the new form of online and offline integration, and driving rapid growth in other areas.

'It is necessary to expand Beijing's demonstration role in the national information consumption series activities, which will promote information innovation and mass entrepreneurship innovation, 'Internet +' deep integration, and promote information consumer product innovation, business innovation and model innovation.' Dong Dajian said .


China Telecom Beijing Corporation demonstrated the innovations achieved in the 5G application scenario on the same day. The cloud VR game allows the public to experience the new learning and entertainment experience brought by 5G. Under the low-latency characteristics of 5G technology, China Telecom's 'Face Recognition AR Glasses' demonstrates the advantages of 'first perspective and liberating hands', and can provide real-time identification services for personnel and vehicles.

With the massive construction of 5G base stations, China Telecom Beijing will also launch a “handshake service” between 5G base stations, traffic lights, general vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Manager Wang of the China Telecom's Beijing-based government and enterprise customer department explained that most of the autopilot vehicles currently tested are equipped with body sensing and detection devices to identify traffic lights and vehicle distances.

“In the future, real auto-driving vehicles cannot have several 'big nose' type probes. At that time, 5G base stations will be connected to auto-driving vehicles and traffic lights through the Internet of Vehicles, and automatically report traffic lights and front and rear vehicles to on-board computers. To achieve true unmanned driving.” Manager Wang said that as long as there is a 5G signal, even if it encounters rain, snow and fog, the self-driving vehicle can achieve the same.


On the same day, the “First Beijing Information Consumption Festival” was launched simultaneously. The Beijing Information Consumption Community initiated by more than ten companies including Meituan, Jingdong, Xiaomi and Tencent was formally established. Members will build a more dynamic new information consumption culture in Beijing. The public brings an experience of deep integration of technology and life.

The activity focused on information consumption new products, new formats, new models, and new applications. It is expected to further expand and upgrade information consumption by strengthening the deep integration of information technology and consumption.

At the meeting, Chaoyang District demonstrated the application of big data, artificial intelligence and other information technology, integrated government resources and social resources, and developed the Chaoyang “urban brain”. The information platform will help the city in terms of urban management, economic development, and people's livelihood services. The level of government governance has improved.

Wei Haixing, head of Jingdong Group's Global Supply Chain Innovation Center, said at the meeting, “At present, China has leading technology in mobile Internet and AI, and domestic digital technology companies have the opportunity to lead the future of global enterprise services.”

The 'God's Eye' interactive big screen that was unveiled at the conference is the latest black technology of Jingdong House. It not only recognizes faces, ages, genders and recommended products, but also realizes convenient and quick face-to-face cashier in the blink of an eye.

Source: Beijing Daily Client

Author: Zhao

Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Producer: Tu Lufang

Editor: Zhao Peng

Process Editor: Wu Yue

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