"Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival together and talk about Huai'an" Huai'an District carried out a vis
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In order to further optimize the talent development environment and reflect the care and concern for high-level talents in Huai, on September 17th, Xia Kaifeng, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, and Peng Kai, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, visited enterprises and institutions in our district on behalf of the District Committee and the District Government to express condolences to high-level talent representatives from Huai.

“同迎中秋节·共话淮安情” 淮安区开展走访慰问我司高层次人才

Xia Kaifeng visited 7 corporate PhDs, including Wang Hongyang, the General Manager of Jiangsu FTR Communication Co., Ltd., and 4 foreign and Taiwanese master's degree holders, including Hao Tao, the President of Jiangsu Xinsheng Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. He had a friendly exchange with them, carefully inquired about their living and working conditions, and listened to their opinions and suggestions on introducing, cultivating, and serving talents. Xia Kaifeng stated that the Organization Department of the District Party Committee will continue to create a better development environment for high-level talents in innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance their sense of honor and achievement, and hope that outstanding talents can continue to love, contribute to, and fulfill their dreams in Huai'an. They will actively play a leading role in demonstration and create better performance, and add strong innovative momentum to the economic and social development of Huai'an District with a master's attitude and the spirit of pursuing excellence.

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