FTRl Technology held a mid year 2022 summary meeting
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'Enjoy' 2022 Struggle for the Second Half of the Year

——Jiangsu FTR Mid Year Work Summary Meeting

In order to comprehensively summarize the company's business operations in the first half of the year and make strategic arrangements for various tasks in the second half of the year, and ensure the successful achievement of the company's annual task goals, the company has decided after research:

A mid year work summary meeting was held on July 10, 2022.

1、 Meeting time and location:

1. Time: July 10th, 2022 (Sunday) 15:30-20:00.

2. Location: Dream Blue Hall on the third floor of Haiyuan Hotel.

North of Huaxi Road and west of Jingshi Road (within the Huai'an District Bus Terminal).

2、 Participants:

All employees of the company.

3、 Meeting agenda:

1. All employees sign in and watch the movie - Climbers.

2. Mr. Wang announced the appointment notice of the Group's personnel - the appointment notice of Vice General Manager Zhuang Naichuan.

3. Vice General Manager Zhuang provides a summary of the company's work in the first half of the year and a plan for the second half of the year.

4. Propose to improve the award-winning employees and take the stage to receive praise.

5. Vice President Zhuang reads out the company's appointment notice - the appointment notice for key positions in the company.

6. Mr. Wang delivered a speech at the meeting.

7. All employees gather for a meal.



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