Strong Confidence, Struggle for Economy, Pick the Big Beam | Wang Hongyang: Make up for the Shortcom
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Strong Confidence, Struggle for Economy, Pick the Big Beam | Wang Hongyang: Make up for the Shortcom

      To promote the integration of technological innovation and industrial innovation, talent is the most crucial and core factor. How to identify the best fit between technology, industry, and talent, and promote high-quality development. Wang Hongyang, a representative of the Provincial People's Congress and Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd., believes that one of the key points of problem-solving is to promote the two-way flow of talent and industry.

      Attending this year's conference, Wang Hongyang brought exciting good news. His company overcame the material and process difficulties in the field of low-temperature co fired ceramic RF filters in less than 5 years through innovative research and development. It also utilized advanced processes and high-precision processes to achieve mass production of multiple high-performance low-temperature co fired ceramic RF filters, thereby breaking the monopoly of overseas enterprises in this field and successfully solving the bottleneck problem of 5G mobile communication high-frequency filters. In 2023, over 95% of the company's products exceeded the product level of industry leading enterprises. In 2024, the enterprise's production capacity will reach the total of the current domestic production capacity.

      Wang Hongyang noticed that this year's government work report has repeatedly mentioned 'talent', among which specific measures such as 'comprehensively stimulating talent innovation and creativity' and 'implementing high-level innovative talent introduction and cultivation actions' have particularly inspired him. As a high-level talent starting a business in Huai'an, Wang Hongyang has felt the strength of Huai'an in promoting the integration of industry and talent development in recent years.

      However, Wang Hongyang also noticed that compared to cities in southern Jiangsu, the talent attraction of cities in northern Jiangsu is still lacking. How to encourage more talents to work and start businesses in the northern Jiangsu region? He put forward his own suggestions: with the government as the lead and enterprises as leverage to attract talents, on the one hand, further encourage physical enterprises in northern Jiangsu to recruit talents from outside the region, and reward enterprises that confirm the recruitment of high-tech talents; On the other hand, it is necessary to provide multi-party policy support for the talents recruited by enterprises, including the government and enterprises, as well as enterprises and talents, and establish a government enterprise joint program to fundamentally solve the shortcomings in the recruitment and retention process of enterprises in northern Jiangsu.

Strong Confidence, Struggle for Economy, Pick the Big Beam | Wang Hongyang: Make up for the Shortcom

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