Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "High Growth Enterprise of Huai'an D
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    In 2023, the entire Huai'an District of Jiangsu Province will work hard and seize the opportunity to break through major projects, focus on cultivating new growth points, continuously promote enterprise transformation, and promote high-quality economic development. To recognize advanced models and inspire enterprises to climb new heights and achieve better results in the new era, Huai'an District held a grand industrial economic festival on February 19, 2024. Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. stood out among many excellent enterprises with its outstanding research and development innovation capabilities and rapid and stable development momentum, and was awarded the '2023 Huai'an District High Growth Enterprise' honor.

    Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. has been like a poised dark horse in the past 2023, vividly interpreting what 'high growth' means with its outstanding product research and development capabilities and high-speed and steady development pace. Looking back at the past year, Feitel's growth rate has been astonishing, demonstrating extraordinary corporate vitality and development potential. 

   Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of

    Winning the title of High Growth Enterprise in Huai'an District this time is not only the best praise for Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd.'s hard work and enterprising spirit in the past year, but also a manifestation of deep expectations and firm confidence in its broad future development prospects. At this moment, Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. is standing at a new starting point, holding the baton of honor tightly in its hands, and igniting the raging fire of creating new brilliance in its heart.

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