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Play our company's news interview program

    On March 21, 2024, the news channel of Huai'an District Television Station broadcasted an in-depth news interview program with our company, which lasted for 5 minutes.

    Interview the production team to delve into the workshop and provide detailed reports on the various processes involved in the production of our company's RF filter products——

From entering our company's dust-free workshop, automated equipment runs at high speed, going through complex processes such as casting, punching, printing, lamination, sintering, etc., LTCC RF filters are constantly coming down the production line... This made the interview program team understand that the production of small LTCC RF filters also requires so many production processes, and the process also requires careful selection and strict control of production quality standards, so that these components can be widely used in electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. The interview program highly praised Feitel Communication Technology's innovation and ignited a new engine of high-quality development.

Play our company's news interview program

    The interview program also aired an interview speech with Ma Chenglong, the assistant general manager of our company:

After the conversion of 4G phones to 5G phones, the number of LTCC RF filters increased from 2 in the 4G era to 20 in the 5G era. These technologies have long been monopolized by Japanese and Taiwanese companies and are typical bottleneck technology products. Therefore, we have been researching this technology and breaking through technological bottlenecks through technological innovation. Currently, this technology has begun to mature and break industry monopolies.

    One important aspect of new quality productivity is reflected in talent. We have invested heavily in talent recruitment. Currently, our company has 6 PhDs and nearly 30 personnel with graduate degrees or above, all of whom are high-level, high-precision and cutting-edge talents recruited from outside the company, accounting for one fourth of the total number of employees.

    In 2024, we will increase investment in innovation, accelerate the development of multiple high-performance LTCC RF filters, and expand our market share in this field. Strive to achieve the goal of producing hundreds of millions of products per month as soon as possible.

    Through the broadcast and promotion of the news channel of Huai'an District TV, more people in Huai'an have learned that Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in Huai'an. Established in 2020, it is a high-tech enterprise founded by multiple overseas returnees and mainly engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of low-temperature ceramic co fired filters. Our main business is to develop small-sized and high-performance low-temperature co fired ceramic LTCC RF filters suitable for mobile terminals, committed to breaking the monopoly of foreign companies on this technology product and solving the bottleneck problem.

    In the future, our company will continue to work hard to promote industrial development and make contributions to the implementation of industrial development!

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