Jiangsu Feitel Spring 2024 Team Building Activities
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  As a super sport with thousands of years of history, long-distance running has been endowed with special significance. Every step we take records the achievement of our goals, and participating in long-distance running will strengthen our self affirmation and belief in success.

Jiangsu Feitel Spring 2024 Team Building Activities

  Every long-distance run is a challenge to physical limits, a challenge to spiritual will, and a challenge to PB, in order to pursue the height and width of life.

  On March 31, 2024, Jiangsu Feitel Communication Co., Ltd. held a unique long-distance team building activity by the beautiful Baima Lake, aiming to enhance employee cohesion, enhance team collaboration spirit, and also provide a comfortable release for daily hard work.

  The morning light was faint, and the fresh air was filled with the breath of spring. All employees gathered by the White Horse Lake, and a 6-kilometer long run opened the prelude to this team building activity. Every step is a witness of strength and perseverance, and every figure shedding sweat embodies the determination and perseverance of the team. This long-distance run not only exercised the body, but also forged the unity of the team, showcasing the spirit of Jiangsu Feitel people to strive upwards and move forward courageously.

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